Magnetic Mobile Car Holder Mount Kit

SKU Magnetic Mobile Car Holder Mount Kit
360 degrees Mini Holder Magnetic Car Dash board Mobile Mount Car Phone magnet Holder Car Kit Mobile Phone Holderr

1. The Steelie Car Mount Kit allows secure attachment to any mobile devices
2. Can be attached to any vehicle dashboard with 360° viewing angles
3. Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket features a powerful neodymium magnet and silicon center to provide a strong grip and smooth glide
4. The neodymium magnet is safe in use for all phones and tablets
5. Both the Magnetic Phone Socket & Ball Mount components come with 3M® VHB™ foam adhesive tape for secure attachment
6. 3M® VHB™ foam adhesive tape can be removed without damage to surfaces
7. Steelie Ball Mount is a high-quality steel ball that is fit into the machined aluminum base for security
8. Made of high-quality metal, has an elegant look and durable functionality Securely holds any phone or mobile media device
9. Quick and easy installation on the dashboard
10. Adjustable and rotatable for any viewing angle
Installation Steps:

Choose a location to install your Anywhere Mount.
Secure the 3M adhesive mount to the location of your choice. Remove the 3M paper backing and firmly press the sticky side onto your location. Ensure that the side with silver magnet is facing outward.
Take the remaining magnetic mount attachment and firmly slide the raised portion (indented side first) into the back of the phone holder. Ensure that the side with 4 round magnets is facing outward.
Insert your device into the custom fit phone holder face out.
Attach the phone holder with magnetic attachment to the secured 3M mount in a landscape or portrait view.
Remove phone as needed from the phone holder.


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