BRAND New Pioneer TS-WX110A 150W SUB UNDERSEAT SUBWOOFER (Built in Amplifer)

it is characterized by a heat sink aluminum die-casting, an oval aluminum cone woofer and a built-in MOSFET amplifier (150 W max.) Out. On the wired remote can gain, phase and LPF set with ease. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be installed easily in many places, for example under the seat or in the trunk.

Pioneer TS-WX110A

Extremely Compact Design fits underseat

Requires only 80mm height clearance

150W MOSFET Amplifer

Nominal Input power: 50W

21cm×13cm (12.8 x 20.8cm) Flat Oval Aluminium Woofer

Aluminium Die-cast heat-sink

Wired Remote Control-for adjustment of phase, cutoff, frequency and gain control from the drivers seat

RCA and speaker level Inputs

Frequency Response: 40 Hz-200 Hz

Built-in variable Low-pass filter: 50 Hz-125 Hz (- 12dB/oct.)

External size: 280 mm (W) ×80 mm (H) ×200 mm (D)

Comes with 12 months warranty!!!