3-Layer Materials **Heavy Duty*** **Sound Deadener / Deadening** BEST RESULT

SKU heavy duty stereo
Auction for ONE PIECE 800mm X 450MM (over 1.75 kg)

Shinning chrome aluminum surface

Product Description:

The upper layer, immediately opposite the noise source, is a layer of semi-open cell dense acoustic foam which provides a low-reflection surface. This upper layer of foam provides some sound attenuation, expecially of higher-frequency sound . The butyl rubber layer at the base of the 3-layer material is directly attached to the substrate. This layer acts as both an acoustic barrier (effectively attenuating the transmission of sound energy through the material) and as a damping layer, reducing vibration in the substrate. The Aluminium layer just hold the construction/

Butyl Rubber layer -- 2 mm
Acoustic Foam Layer -- 8 mm
Aluminium layer -- 1 mm